A stable, forever home for your software company

Honesty and transparency are the core of who we are at Vesta Software Group. We’re serious in our commitment to growing our family of companies and will always deliver on what we agree to do.

By joining us, you’ll be given the ability to preserve the legacy of your business and maintain the established brand and culture, while continuing to serve the best interests of your customers and employees.

Why Vesta?

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Accelerate growth

It can be a struggle to grow your business with limited resources and capital. We understand these challenges and will provide you with the best practices, expertise and financial support needed to help make your growth ambitions a reality.

Preserve your legacy

Preserve your legacy

You’ve built a successful business around your customers, brand and product, and we want to see that story continue. Post-acquisition, we strive to make the integration process as smooth as possible so that your business can run as usual with minimal interruption to everyday operations.

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A bright future for your employees

We’ve long understood that our people are our greatest assets. Joining us will allow you to provide your employees with opportunities to develop their talent and learn from counterparts from across the globe. We’ll work closely with you to build multi-layer succession and talent plans, ensuring the right people are in place moving forward.

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Achieve your professional goals

What you do after the acquisition is completely up to you. If you wish to remain with the business, we will be delighted to welcome you to the team and will work with you to realise your personal and professional goals. Many of our business leaders have chosen to take on exciting new roles and responsibilities throughout the organisation.


Whether you’re looking to remain with your business or exit after selling, it doesn’t matter. If you want a home for your business where it can grow while your people are looked after and your legacy preserved, Vesta’s ‘buy and hold forever’ ethos means you won’t find a better place.

David Swanston, CRB Cunninghams (now Portfolio Manager at Vesta Software Group)

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