About Jonas Software

Jonas Software is a global provider of software solutions to a number of vertical industries. As an operating group of Constellation Software Inc., Jonas acquires, manages, and builds specific software businesses which provide specialised, mission-critical software solutions.

Jonas companies invest in becoming leaders in their industries to better serve their customers. We help companies improve their operations, grow through organic initiatives, and seek acquisitions that can strengthen their market position.

Constellation Software Inc

About Constellation Software Inc. (CSI)

Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU) is the corporate parent of Jonas Software and the Vesta Software Group. Constellation Software is a publicly-traded international provider of market-leading software and services to select industries, both in the public and private sectors.

CSI was founded in 1995 to assemble a portfolio of vertical market software companies that have the potential to be leaders in their particular market. Since then, CSI has grown rapidly through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth and established a strong constellation of companies with a large, diverse customer base comprised of over 125,000 customers operating in over 100 countries around the world.

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Everything that was promised has come to fruition. On a personal note, I have been challenged in my new role and given things to work on, but my work-life balance has never been better.

Richard Waltham, Jonas Sports