We’re not your traditional acquirer of software businesses

Building a successful software company involves years of commitment; it’s early starts and long nights that produce a series of highs and lows along the way. Eventually, many will reach a point where a change is needed to allow the business to achieve its full potential. It’s at this crossroads where you will need to determine what the future, for both yourself and the business, looks like.

As a buy-and-hold acquirer, we’re proud to say at Vesta Software Group that we can offer a stable home where your company can thrive forever. Our decentralised model means that your company will retain its independence whilst gaining access to our invaluable network of like-minded individuals, best practices and capital to facilitate organic and acquired growth

Being Aquired

What we look for

We’ve acquired several dozen businesses over the years and each one of them is unique. The consistent factor is that all our businesses sell mission critical technology that is tailored to a specific vertical market. Otherwise, they vary widely in terms of geography, size, technology, and other factors.

As a general guideline, we look for the following:


We acquire technology companies that sell a proprietary solution that is highly tailored to fit the needs of one or more vertical markets. Some of our businesses sell software solutions and others sell integrated systems that include hardware.


With offices in 30+ countries around the world and dozens of languages spoken among our people, borders are not a barrier to acquisition for us.


We are always looking to expand our footprint in our existing niche vertical markets. We are unique in the fact that we acquire competing brands and continue to operate these companies separately, thus maintaining the entrepreneurial and competitive spirit. We are also interested in expanding into new markets with great technology and/or market-leading companies.


Businesses of all sizes have found their home at Vesta. For smaller businesses (approximately 25 employees and below), we typically want to be geographically close or already present in that vertical.

Find out what’s in it for you

Being part of a larger group has not only given us the much-needed power to succeed in such a competitive industry, but has also provided an unparalleled source of knowledge and expertise for us to draw on.

Peter Rhodes, Cunninghams EPOS Group