As a group, our culture is very much centered around five key areas:



We encourage regular and open communication

Career opportunities


Support for continuous learning, development and career progression



It’s important to recognise a job well done



We instil a healthy work-life balance



What gets measured, gets done

Personal & professional development

As a group, we provide access to an invaluable playbook of tried and tested best practices. We’re also committed to providing bespoke learning and development opportunities to help our people meet their goals and objectives.

People & Culture
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Wellbeing support

In today’s demanding world, working on the wellbeing of our team has never been so important. We support our people to instill a healthy work-life balance and are committed to safeguarding and enhancing their health and wellness.

People & Culture 3

Feedback mechanisms

Feedback is crucial to both our development as a group and our team as individuals. This is why we like to ensure our people have a voice and have procedures in place to allow that voice to be heard.

People & Culture 4

Diversity & inclusion

With teams located across the world, we understand that it’s important for an organisation like ours to create an inclusive and supportive environment. We’re committed to doing so, so that all our people can build fulfilling and enriched careers.

Get to know us

The beauty of what we are as a group is that we’re not one giant company, we’re 900+ companies built up of thousands of people. Everyone is willing to help each other, so there’s always something new to learn and best practices to be shared.

Richard Clancy
Richard Clancy, Group CEO