Knowledge sharing: Why is it important for software companies?


November 10th, 2021


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Vesta Software Group

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Sharing best practices is a great way to fuel growth and improve the performance and productivity of a software company. As such, it’s one of the key areas we have developed here at Vesta Software Group.

Rather than limiting our family of software companies to their own understandings and experiences, we have instead created a selfless group culture of knowledge sharing amongst likeminded individuals who speak the same language and share many of the same business and technology interests.

How does knowledge sharing impact our software companies?

Within the Vesta family, people from all our companies enjoy honest, clear and constructive discussion and competition to help improve each other every day. It helps to:

Nurture a learning culture

The learning environment that comes from sharing best practice helps our software companies to identify potential knowledge gaps and how they can be plugged. As well as helping to boost the performance of employees, organisations can learn from the experiences of similar business leaders to come up with better strategies and adapt to any changes efficiently.

Promotes creativity and innovation

Our people are our greatest assets, so it’s only right that we encourage them to share their thoughts and ideas. By doing so, we create a unique and collaborative culture that helps to improve operations and boost the productivity of all our companies.

Improves decision making

Many of our software companies encounter similar problems and opportunities. Their customer bases may be different (education, retail, hospitality etc.) but the questions and challenges that arise are often the same. For example:

  • Am I under or over investing in research and development?
  • How can I leverage a CRM to improve data management?
  • What systems are essential for sales and marketing?

While many questions can be answered via a Google search, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a completely relevant and proven solution. Instead, knowledge sharing within our group helps to give employees access to the right information when they need it, ensuring better and faster decision making.

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