5 reasons why Vesta Software Group could be the right home for your company


May 10th, 2021


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Vesta Software Group

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Ask any entrepreneur about their company and the trajectory they have been on and it soon becomes clear that a strong emotional attachment exists. When they talk about the early days, the first clients, the employees, the products, the long nights and the highs and lows, you could easily be forgiven for thinking they were talking about their own child. In many ways, this metaphor is truer than not. Entrepreneurs effectively give birth to their ideas, nurture them and help them grow, raising them to become the most successful, mature companies that they can be.

Much like a child and their parents, companies and entrepreneurs grow together through time and eventually reach a point where the company needs to progress on its own to achieve its full potential. This is a difficult decision which can be brought on by a myriad of factors, including the entrepreneur’s age, desires, aspirations, and changes in circumstance. It is at this crossroads that the decision needs to be made – where is the best home for my company?

At Vesta Software Group, we are a family of software companies serving a variety of industry sectors that have come together under one home. We all share high ethical and business standards and enjoy supporting our sister companies to grow and succeed.

Why might Vesta Software Group be right for your company?

  1. We buy and hold forever

This is at the core of what we do. We welcome companies into the family forever. We are not looking to make a quick buck and flip the company to the highest bidder in three to five years’ time after squeezing out our share of profit. In fact, we make a commitment to the employees of the companies we invite to join our family; we take great pride in nurturing and supporting them to exceed their goals and meet their clients’ needs.

In the entire history of growing our ever-expanding family of companies, we have never disposed of, or abandoned, a single one.

  1. We are experts at operating and growing software companies

We have learned from all of the companies we have welcomed into our group (700 and counting!). Like all good families, we are open with each other and share this knowledge selflessly with our new members, helping to streamline processes, optimise costs and support growth plans for future success.

Joining Vesta means joining a family of likeminded software executives and operators who speak the same language, share many of the same business and technology interests, and enjoy honest, clear and constructive discussion and competition to improve each other every day.

  1. We trust, encourage and support independence

Every employee at Vesta Software Group believes that encouraging the best out of each other can only come through trust. We trust that each of our companies are the best at what they do and have the best team to deliver on their potential. We encourage and support everyone to execute well thought-out plans without cumbersome, onerous top-down red tape that can stifle growth and innovation. We believe our people do best when they know they are supported and trusted.

  1. We offer a nurturing, open network of support

We are always pushing each other to be our best. Through continual learning from our group-wide activities, we are unique in that we can offer a vast, worldwide network of connections and potential clients to support our companies. No company within the family is ever alone and all employees benefit from access to the wider group environment for career development opportunities, human resources support and more excellent benefits.

  1. We do as we say – and mean it

We are serious in our commitment to growing our family of companies with likeminded individuals who share our values. We are self-funded and disciplined in who we work with because we know it is a commitment for the long-term. We never deviate from our buy and hold forever ethos, or our high ethical and business standards. We deliver on what we agree to do and welcome accountability in our actions. We are honest, transparent and serious in our belief that our best asset is our people, which is why our offering is straightforward, expeditious and highly deliverable.

We love getting to know dynamic and client-focused software companies so, if you are a software entrepreneur or business owner who is looking for more than a financial transaction to kickstart the next stage in your company’s life, please get in touch.