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March 24th, 2023


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Vesta Investors in People Jeronimo Alvarez

In the latest of our Investors in People features, we caught up with our LATAM Group Leader, Jeronimo Alvarez, to find out more about his journey with the group since joining during Greycon’s acquisition in 2018.

Jeronimo Alvarez Investors in People

How did your journey with the group begin?

My journey initially begun with Greycon, who were acquired by Vesta in 2018. I joined the company in 2005 at their Montevideo office in Uruguay, moving through different departments over the years. During this time, I was able to learn a huge amount about various areas of a software company, including: support, quality assurance, research and development, consultancy and sales.

When the company was acquired by Vesta, I remained in my position until 2021, when I was approached by Group CEO, Richard Clancy, with a view to join the M&A team to help expand the group’s presence in the Latin America region. It was huge change for my career, but a challenge I gladly accepted!

Jeronimo Alvarez Group Journey

What does a typical day look like for you?

It varies from day to day, but my time is typically split between two areas: operations and M&A. In operations, I work closely alongside Richard and the companies we have acquired in the LATAM region to apply our playbook of best practices, with a view to support their growth and improve efficiencies.

When it comes to the M&A side, I work with Veronica Caravia (M&A Business Development Executive), Ken Barragan (Head of M&A) and Sofia Alfonzo (M&A Analyst) to evaluate the different companies we are currently in talks with, as well as work on models and proposals, and support in negotiations.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

M&A stands out for me in particular because there is so much to see and learn from the various companies that we are having conversations with every day. There aren’t many other roles out there that will give you the opportunity to talk with owners and get an insight into their incredible lives, careers and experiences!

I also love getting the chance to share what I myself have learnt since joining the group. From all of the acquisitions we have completed, I can share with owners what we have found works from our experience and how we can support them in the next stage of their company’s journey.

Is there a part of your role you find challenging?

Diving into the operations of a newly-acquired company can be challenging. In a short period of time I need to get to know the ins and outs of all areas of the business to help me prepare our standard schedule of things that need to be improved. Although this is tough, the feeling of being able to coach a team, introduce our proven best practices and ultimately see results materialise is very rewarding.

Have you been offered learning and development opportunities?

Since joining the group I’ve been able to take part in both online training and in-person bootcamps to support my professional development. This year I’ll be heading to Toronto for the first time to attend the Jonas University, which will be particularly exciting!

Also, as I work closely with Richard, he is essentially mentoring me on a weekly basis and I get to learn a lot from him and his experiences.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to progress in their career or business?

My advice would be to always do your best and to be passionate and curious with whatever you’re doing. If you do these three things, opportunities will always find their way to you.