Company Overview

Established in 1978, MCR Systems has over 40 years’ experience in providing enterprise management solutions to some of the biggest hospitality, catering and leisure orgnisations in the UK.

Combining high quality software and cutting-edge EPOS technology with unrivalled installation, training and support, they are one of the leading operators in the industry.

Date of investment: 2017


How was the acquisition process?

With our vast expertise and knowledge, we were able to make the acquisition process as fast and efficient as possible for MCR Systems. Through comprehensive due diligence, we were able to get a thorough understanding of the business and how it worked before the sale was complete to ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved.

Because Matthew was leaving the business, he was passing the reins onto long-time employee, Steve Bottrill, who was Operations Manager at the time. To help Steve transition into the role of Managing Director, we provided him with support and coaching which eased the process.

MCR Systems

What are the benefits of being part of the group?

Maintained the existing management team

Taken on more staff to support growth

Continued investment in the company – including sales and research and development

The team have access to the knowledge and experience from leaders of dozens of similar software companies

More Case Studies

The acquisition was very detailed and very well done. There was a comprehensive due diligence process that we went through and I think Vesta fully understood the workings of the business before they acquired us. On initial takeover day, the guys came in and explained to all the staff what would happen next – it was a very good onboarding process.

Steve Bottrill - Managing Director