Meet our new M&A Business Development Executive, Catalina Mihai


May 30th, 2024


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Vesta Software Group

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M&A Business Development Exec Catalina Mihai

As our M&A team continues to grow here at Vesta, we are delighted to introduce Catalina Mihai as our newest addition. Catalina joins us as M&A Business Development Executive for Central and Eastern Europe, and will support our efforts as we look to bolster our investment in this region.

To find out a bit more about Catalina and her background, we sat down together for a Q&A.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

I studied Sociology and Data Analytics, where I discovered my keen interest in interacting with people and building good relationships. After spending 4 years living in the UK and working for an American company in their sales department, I decided the time was right to develop the same business in Romania.

My journey in business development started back in 2019, and I have since gained experience working for well-known companies such as Deloitte and Amazon, where I managed VIP clients and contributed to both operational and strategic aspects.

I took my sales experience into the fintech industry, where I worked as a Success Manager for VIP accounts. Through my diverse career journey so far, I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills which I can effectively apply across various domains. This has enabled me to develop a comprehensive approach to creating growth strategies, as well as establishing and nurturing client relationships.

What made you choose Vesta as the next step in your career?

I chose Vesta as next step in my career because of the group’s philosophy, and how different this is from other players on the market.

I felt that Vesta, as a group, and myself, share the same principles – particularly when it comes to the fact that people are the most important asset for the business. This is something that has guided my entire professional life; I truly believe that businesses can only be successful because of the people that make it happen.

I also wanted to be a part of a company where I can grow professionally and develop new skills.

What have you enjoyed the most since joining the team?

Since starting, the team has been so helpful and ready to support me with their knowledge and experience. Overall, I get a really good vibe from both the people and the wider environment.

I’m excited about this role and the fact that I’ll get to meet with so many people from different sectors and a variety of businesses. Diversity is an amazing thing here; I’ll get to know various business models and gain a deep understanding of how they work.

What are your top three books / podcasts?

I’m passionate about the UK Monarchy and psychology, so my top 3 books reflect this

  • Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
  • Spare by Prince Harry
  • Diana – Her True Story by Andrew Morton

Who inspires you?

My father is my inspiration. He’s a kind man, a hard worker, and highly ambitious. He’s provided me with a great model in life, which I’m now trying to use (and maybe even improve!) for my son. I hope I can be a role model for my son, as my father is for me.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would love to learn more about astrology and how it works. It’s something I’m particularly passionate about and I would love to study and practice it.

What is your favourite quote?

“Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today!” – a Romanian quote